The Comparison Game

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Don’t get caught in the trap!
The “Comparison Game” is a dangerous trap because the rules always change and no one ever wins.
Do you find yourself checking multiple times a day to see how many “friends,” “followers,” “likes,” “shares,” and “retweets” you get? Social media is deceptive and makes you feel as if everyone else has more friends, more fun and more excitement than you're having. Satan uses this lie to cause you to feel bad about yourself. This is when you need to fight back with words of truth. God says, you are loved, and wonderfully made. 
You'll always experience times when you don’t “feel good” about yourself.  Comparing yourself to others causes you not to like your appearance, clothes, personality or what you see as a lack of accomplishments.  Maybe you’ve even wondered if God messed up when He created you.
Let's be honest. On a scale of 0-10, how do you rate yourself right now? 0 is "God made me perfect" and 10 is "there is nothing good about me."  

In 1 Samuel 16:7.  God says He looks at what’s in a person’s heart, not what’s on the outside.  Stop and ponder what that means.  God’s interested in the REAL you on the inside--not what’s on the “cover” that others use to judge you. 

How could this Bible truth cause you to look at yourself differently? 
If you loved yourself more would that help you be more kind to others.?