Wisdom Of The Teacher For College Students, Ch. 10

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This chapter is a collection of short sayings or proverbs that cover a variety of subjects. The breaking up into days for this study is purely arbitrary. I will attempt to keep themes close, but that isn’t always possible with this chapter. 

Many of these sayings are so straightforward that they really need no commentary. In verse 1 we see one of those. We might not have perfumers in our day, but we certainly understand the concept. Just a little bit of folly can make everything stink in our lives for a long time.

“Right” and “Left” symbolize good and evil here respectively. I’m not sure how those terms got “politicized”, but that is not the case in these verses. The “fool” can’t even perform the simple task of walking on a road without giving away his true character. Regardless of our efforts, our real nature will come out and show us for who we really are.