[Series Exploring The Mysteries Of Real Worship] Wired To Worship

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God Made Me Do It

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing as I watched this on television: The big black SUV pulled up to the courthouse. Three men in black suits and sunglasses jumped out and surrounded the vehicle. One of them opened the back door. The crowd that had been there since dawn began to scream. “There he is!” one woman yelled. There was the white glove. There was no doubt who this celebrity was. “Michael!” the crowd screamed.

Fans were overwhelmed with Michael Jackson’s persona and spellbound by his star status. They had come from all over the world to support him. One woman even quit her job just to stand outside the courthouse every day for months. She was willing to pay whatever it cost to be close to her American idol. Why would she go to such extreme lengths just to get a glimpse of Michael? The answer is simple: she is wired to worship.

When anthropologists study a civilization, one thing they examine is what the people in that culture worshipped. Every civilization on the earth, throughout all of history, has worshipped something or someone. The study of a civilization’s worship is a study of what that culture values and esteems.

Everyone worships something. It could be such things as statues, idols, witch doctors, spirits, wealth, power, nobility, institutions, an idea, a fantasy, a divinity, and even the Lord Jesus Christ. 

Romeo worshipped Juliet. Julius Caesar worshipped his throne. An NBA star worships basketball, and his fans worship him. Worship is universal. It is inherent in all humans to worship.

Being a worshipper is a condition that God put in man. God created you to be a worshipper. You don’t need to be trained in worship or have a worship degree. It comes naturally, and it is part of who you are.

God has determined where all humans would live so that they would search for Him and find Him. That radar in each person is there so we will search for Him and worship Him. You were created with a desire and proclivity to worship. Every one of us is, fundamentally, an unceasing worshipper. That is how your eternal spirit is made. You were wired by the Creator to be a worshipper.

“Worship is a universal urge, hardwired by God into the very fiber of our being—and an inbuilt need to connect with God.” (Rick Warren)

Take it from here

What is the Holy Spirit showing you about how you are wired? Looking back, do you see how God arranged events and relationships so you would come to know and worship Him?

Pray with me

Heavenly Father, I see how all humans are made to worship you. Show me my wiring and how I am uniquely constructed to affectionately adore You.

This reading plan was taken from LaMar Boschman’s new book, Authentic: Exploring the Mysteries of Real Worship. For more info on LaMar’s book please visit: Click Here