Patterns of Evidence: The Moses Controversy

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Watch today’s clip as we see a connection between Egyptian hieroglyphs and what became the alphabet.

Today’s passage provides a powerful promise to the life of one who walks in, delights in, and meditates on God’s Word to abide by His principles. We continue with the other two P’s related to specific ways God’s Word communicates to us.

  • Principles

Because God is perfect, then His laws have foundational principles as the catalyst for their purpose. While we often get hung up on rules because of our desire to control, God has commandments to govern our lives and offer us the best life possible.

Let’s look at two of God’s ten laws—one about Him and one about us—to find the principle.

Exodus 20:3 states, “You shall have no other gods before me.” Many read this verse and believe God to be power-hungry and self-centered, but when we take today’s focal passage into consideration of what He promises to provide us when we are obedient, having no other gods makes total sense. 

God knows anyone or anything we try to follow will lead us down the wrong path. We were created by Him and for Him, so therefore He is our only true God.

Next, Exodus 20:13 states “You shall not murder.” The act of murder is to hate someone to the point of death. Murder is permanently taking over the authority of someone’s life, which we were never meant to have. Obviously, killing a person is the ultimate devaluing of life.  We know God created us to love each other. 

A perfect God has perfect principles—solid and wise reasons—behind every precept.

  • Promises

From prophecy to precepts to principles, we get to the one we tend to like the most—God’s promises for us. While there are literally hundreds found throughout Scripture, Isaiah 40:31, Isaiah 41:13, Jeremiah 29:11, and Matthew 28:20 are a few well-quoted and familiar examples.

As Creator and Sustainer of life, as well as being a perfect Father, God makes us promises of what He will accomplish in us and for us. At the same time, because of allowing free will, He also gives us the choice to deny or ignore His promises and our obedience to Him. 

What are some ways that God’s principles interact and impact His promises? What is your favorite promise found in Scripture from God?


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