Picked For A Purpose 1. Scattered Seed

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Seeds of Awakening

When we scatter seed in the garden like the man in the parable above, we cannot always explain why some of it takes and some does not. The same is true of life! We see it in nature and in nurture. For some of us, the seeds of DNA and personality traits fail to grow, while the thwarted dreams of our parents may actually take root in our own lives. Likewise, people of faith sometimes speak of coincidence as being God-incidents. So while a coincidence might be described as random – an accident, chance, luck, fluke, or a twist of fate – a God-incident is thought to be an unexpected occurrence in which God is perceived to have had an influence. Unlike a coincidence, it is seen, with hindsight, to have purpose. And when multiple God- incidents occur, they may be seen to conform to a pattern, to be part of a bigger rationale. 

Those who distinguish this pattern and observe the purpose behind it find it astonishing. Which is why it never ceases to amaze me that in a family of non-churchgoers, I appear to have been singled out for a life of discipleship. But why should God pick me? And from such an early age? 

Imagine! God chose me. He chose you. And He did so long, long ago. Before the creation of the world. What a privilege. How awe-inspiring is that? The fact is, God didn’t single me out. We’ve ALL been chosen to be adopted into His family. It’s just that we’ve also been given free-will to decide whether to accept the gift. Or not! 

• What seeds of awakening do you recall  having been sown in your childhood? 

• What God-incidents can you recall in your early life? 

• How, if at all, have they impacted  you now?