Jesus Revealed Pt. 5 - Reflecting the Glory of God

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Lame Man Made Well  

Thoughts on the Passage

Jesus breaks past barriers.

The man is caught. The only way he sees to be healed is to get to the water when an angel stirs it – but other people always get there first! Jesus just comes and changes everything. He heals the lame man with just a word. Some of us look to human wisdom to get the answers we need. This wisdom is not bad – often it is very good. However, God is not bound by human wisdom. God can release healing without doctors, financial blessing without financial planners, or wisdom that surpasses the wisdom of great sages. Do not be afraid of barriers. When God wants them broken – one word is all that is needed.

What makes Jesus go looking for people to heal on the Sabbath day?

God sent Jesus to this place. This is going to cause people all kinds of trouble. Jesus breaks their Sabbath rules because God wants to release blessing. Do not be surprised if Jesus does this – for you or for others. There was a man who needed a breakthrough and any day is a good day for God to give a breakthrough. Remember that when God waits to release a blessing to you – but gives it to someone else.

Jesus makes the man carry his bed.

If I was that man, the last thing I would have wanted to see or touch was that bed! It represented 38 years of failure in his life, 38 years lost, and 38 years he wanted to forget. Jesus said – “go carry that bed so the world sees.” We want to hide and bury all our failures; at times Jesus wants us to carry them with us. Jesus wants the world to how God transforms us – people would never believe we were once such failures. Do not be afraid to carry your bed.


Are you willing to “carry” a failure you have had victory over so that God gets glory? If He asks – do it.

Are you stuck with human perspectives that you do not let God breakthrough with a word? Do not despise the wisdom God has placed around us, but give God room to speak beyond human wisdom.

Time to Pray

Father, I have things that I have been trying to figure out – and I just struggle. I will not ignore the wisdom of this world because much of it is rooted in Your truth. However, today I take time to ask for Your wisdom to deal with my problems. What is Your answer to my problem? What is it that You are asking me to do? That is what I want to do. Open my ears to hear Your word and open my heart to obey. In Jesus’ name, Amen.