The Discipline Of Planning

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Pray or Plan?

Commit your works to the LORD and your plans will be established. - Pro 16:3

Pray or Plan? Faith or Fact? These words look like opposites to many of us but it was not so in the case of a man whom God chose to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem.

Nehemiah heard a very sad report about Jerusalem. He heard that the people were in great distress and reproach. The walls were broken down and the gates were burnt with fire. After hearing the report, he sat down and wept and mourned before God in prayer and fasting for many days. 

This is the initial response of a disciple of Jesus who wants to accomplish any task for the glory of God. Through prayer, God prepared Nehemiah for the task of rebuilding the walls. For four months, Nehemiah prayed and meticulously planned and prepared. So, when the King asked him why he was sad, he did not tell a sad story but a well-planned solution.

Prayer as a ritual, to start something on a good note or as an act to please God, is no prayer at all. True prayer enables us to surrender ourselves to God’s will and direction and strengthens us to plan and also to execute the plan.

Acknowledging his dependency on God and committing himself to God gave Nehemiah the conviction and confidence to chart a plan in response to the burden God placed in his heart. Many times, he identified the hand of God upon him as the reason for his success and not his own ability. 

Nehemiah not only prayed but he also planned very well. There is no ‘either or’ situation.

If prayer shows our dependency on God, then planning shows our responsibility. Can you acknowledge your dependency on God and commit yourself to Him before you plan anything specific today or for your life?

Father, help me to completely depend on You today and every day. I commit all my plans to You and let them bring glory to only You. Amen