Seek Spiritual Intimacy

Having walked with the Lord for over forty years, I can say that going deeper with Him is the unapologetic goal of my life and the uncapped fountain from which my daily life flows. His love pursues so passionately—I just respond. As a witness to the joys of daily spiritual intimacy, I testify that God is always more than expected and more than enough. You probably selected this Bible plan because you too long to go deeper with God.

Spiritual intimacy can be defined as actively, deeply seeking to:

(1) Know and be known by the Lord, and to

(2) Love and receive love from Him.

God initiates a love relationship with every person through His Spirit and Word. But as Creator, He also understands how to speak in ways as unique as fingerprints and as sustaining as our next breath. As each of us responds to His invitation to know Him more, He takes pride in the fact that we each feel we are His only child. His passionate heart for us is so richly personal. We never have to be afraid to be transparent before Him. He adds no shame and no rejection. He loves completely as He changes us to be like Jesus. And He rejoices exceedingly in our returned love at whatever level we are able to give it.

Being loved and known deeply for who we really are and learning to love and know God for who He really is—this is the dance of spiritual intimacy. With this one glorious priority in place, the rest of life flows graciously and powerfully. Deep oneness with God is a powerful launching place for telling others that they too can know Jesus.


· Spiritual intimacy can also be described as “deep unto deep,” tapping into “living water,” “abiding,” “oneness,” and “knowing and being known.”These terms are reflected in the scriptures for this day’s reading. As you meditate on each, ask Holy Spirit to teach you to live in these ways.

· In preparation for the rest of this Bible plan, ask the Lord to give you ideas about a time and place to meet with Him.

· Set your “deeper” materials together near this spot: Your Bible, a journal or an electronic file for journal entries, and access to music that enfolds you in God’s presence.

A word about your Bible: If you have had the same Bible for years, in this new season it may be good to select a new one. If you use an electronic Bible, you may need to open a new translation as Holy Spirit leads. This is because familiarity sometimes breeds apathy. We think, “Oh, I already know that.” The truth is that we know very little about an infinite God. I love Amplified Bible, Classic Edition (AMPC) for study, and New International Version (NIV) for reading, but I’m also finding new depth in The Passion Translation (TPT).

A word about music: Music, like a sermon, has key points and applications. After a season you may need to choose new music for fresh revelation about your relationship with God. Ask those who are growing in their relationship with the Lord to recommend their favorites or research new ideas. Never allow filler music to occupy holy space and time. Only the best of the best should enter your intimate time with the Lover of your soul.