Beyond The Music

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Trusting God’s Plan

It is easy to plan what you want your life to be. Your career, where to live and even having kids or grandkids are things we like to plan for. Sometimes navigating life itself is something we want to work out according to a plan. The world around us can influence us and cause us to forget what God may want for our lives. Christian singer and songwriter Lauren Daigle started with a desire to perform secular music, but God changed her plans.

Listen to Lauren

Lauren went to the television show American Idol to perform secular music. However, she felt God's call to pursue worship music instead. In fact, her album "Look Up Child" went on to be No. 3 on the Billboard 200 in 2018, making her the highest charting Christian woman in over 20 years. She trusted the Lord even when it seemed that her plan of singing secular music would have been easier. As it says in James 4:13-15, we do not know what tomorrow will bring. Therefore, we should live to honor God.


  • What are some plans you have that God may be calling you to trust Him with?
  • Is there an area of your life where you don't want to give God control? Take a moment to pray for His guidance and direction.

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