When You're In Over Your Head

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Day 1 - Too Many Thoughts! 

Have you ever been in over your head? Had so many things racing through your head that you had trouble getting anything done or making any decision, much less hearing God’s voice about it? I have!  

Too often when I’m in over my head, it seems like there’s just too much pressure, or like 50 things need to happen before anything can get done and I don’t even know where to start. 

I’ve learned that when I get to the point where too many thoughts are racing through my head, or I’m too overwhelmed, it’s time to just stop. I know I need to shut everything off and just get with the Lord to ask, listen for, and receive His supernatural help.

There’s a story in Luke 10 that illustrates what I mean. At the end of the chapter, Jesus visited Mary and Martha at their house in Bethany. Now, when Jesus comes to visit, He doesn’t come by Himself. There were at least 12 other guys with Him (the disciples) and probably quite a few more folks, since He attracted a crowd wherever He went. So fixing dinner for this entire gang fell on Mary and Martha. And I don’t think Jesus called ahead for reservations! He probably came on a moment’s notice.

What happened, though, was that Martha ended up in the kitchen doing most of the work because Mary decided to take full advantage of having the Lord at her house. She chose to sit at Jesus’s feet and listen to Him (v. 39).

I can just imagine Martha in the kitchen, dashing about, peeling the potatoes, stirring the soup, making the salad, keeping an eye on the meat, trying to get everything to finish cooking at the same time—plus setting the table and coordinating the drinks. She was in over her head! Then she realized that Mary wasn’t even helping. Just imagine her thoughts…