The Hannah Anointing

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DAY TWO: Profit From Your Pain

I believe Hannah encountered God in an unusual way in her season of heartache and pain. He revealed things about Himself to Hannah as she continually drew near to the Lord. At the end of her testing and trial she prophesied and declared wisdom and revelation never mentioned before in Scripture. For example, she spoke of inheriting a throne of glory.

When Hannah declared that no one was like God, they weren’t empty words—she had a personal encounter with the Lord, the kind of encounter the Lord wants with all of us.

Just as Hannah did, I want you to profit from your pain. Take your setbacks, disappointments, and lack of understanding to the throne of glory. There is something bigger going on in your life. God will shape your heart to understand His perspective of your life. Take advantage of God’s focus on your heart during this time. He is preparing it to grow and nurture the seed He will soon deliver. Let Him show you any unholy things hiding in your heart. Hannah prayed year after year for a son, but it wasn’t until her prayers changed and she made a new vow to God that she received what was promised.