I Choose Honor

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DAY ONE: The Biblical Idea of Honor

Honor isn’t an idea I created. It is a key concept in Scripture. God created each one of us, and everything He made is “very good” (Gen. 1:31). When you show honor to anyone—your mother, a delivery person, the homeless guy—you are actively recognizing and respecting God’s creation. Your actions are saying to Him, “God, I love You and everything You have created.” By honoring the person, you are showing God you recognize the value of the individual He made.

Today honor is often seen as something that starts in the individual and is then seen by others. Jesus challenged that practice in His Sermon on the Mount. I believe He was not only saying that our righteousness is not determined by what others see but also that our worth—and whether we are worthy of honor—is not based on how others perceive us.

God sees the value in every person He made, and He wants us to do the same. This is why we must ask the Holy Spirit to show us the worth of those around us and give us the humility to honor and serve them as Jesus did.