On Calvary's Hill

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The Final Week

It’s early in the final week. The props and players for Friday’s drama are in position. Five-inch spikes are in the bin. A crossbeam leans against a shed wall. The players are nearing the stage—Pilate, Annas and Caiaphas, Judas, the centurions.

Players and props. Only this is no play; it’s a divine plan. A plan begun before Adam felt heaven’s breath, and now all heaven waits and watches. All eyes are on one figure—the Nazarene.

Commonly clad. Uncommonly focused. Leaving Jericho and walking toward Jerusalem. He doesn’t chatter or pause. He’s on his final journey.

Even the angels are silent. They know this is no ordinary walk or week. For hinged on this week is the door of eternity.

He knew the end was near. He knew the finality of Friday.

Let’s walk with him. Let’s see how Jesus spent his final days.

Enter the holy week and observe.

Feel his passion. Sense his power. Hear his promise that death has no power.

Let’s follow Jesus on his final journey. For by observing his, we may learn how to make ours.