God Fights For Us


Great News, God Fights for Us!

All of us go through seasons in life when we cannot see the light. Each day seems darker than the day before. Sometimes it is so dark that you may even wonder if the Sun is there. Likewise, in the midst of trials and problems, we doubt if God is there for us. Today, and all through these seven days, we are going to be inspired by an amazing story. The Creator of the Sun and of every other star that you can see in the sky (as well as those you cannot) is going to stop the Sun and extend the day to fight for His people. 

Yes, what you have just read is right! One day in history, God listened to a man named Joshua, who trusted in Him so bluntly and prayed to ask for the Sun to stop so that he could finish a battle. Five­ (not one but five!) kings of the Amorites were so afraid of Joshua that they had come together to go against him and God’s people. 

In Joshua’s time, the people of Israel were conquering the Promised Land. A people of that land, the Gibeonites, sent word to Joshua asking him to help them because five Amorite kings were threatening to take one of the Gibeonite cities.  Joshua had made a treaty with the Gibeonites, so the Israelites were forced to honor their promise. The Lord told Joshua, “Do not be afraid of them; I have given them into your hand. Not one of them will be able to withstand you.” (10:8) Joshua marched all night long with his entire army, took the five Amorite kings by surprise, and won the battle. 

In our Christian journey, we too find ourselves in battles. We may feel surrounded by many enemies, just as Joshua did. But I have good news for you! No one will be able to withstand you! It does not matter how many enemies are facing you today, do not be afraid because you are not alone. God is with you and not against you. God will journey with you through these “battles” so that you can grow in your trust of Him. He knows that you are not perfect, but He does not turn His face away from you. God wants to show Himself to you in these moments. Do not be discouraged, the Lord will be with you, and He will give you the victory!

Thought of the Day 

Whatever battle you are facing, know that the Lord’s face is towards you.

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