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It’s Just Not That Complicated

My darling, I am here. I am the whisper in your heart that says stay, that says run.

Stay with Me. . . . Run for more of Me.

Sometimes I just await your desire to be with Me, for that desire within you for more of Me, to awaken.

Awaken, child.

You want more of Me? You want to see Me? You want to be with Me?

Yes? You do?

It’s just not complicated, child. With Me, life isn’t complicated. Choices are not complicated.

But choose. I love that you can choose. It is hard to be abandoned, forgotten, ignored. It is hard to be shunned, rebelled against, spat upon. It is hard to be yelled at, rejected, blamed. . . but I want you to choose.

Be full of Me and be strong. Or reject Me and be weak. You can choose.

Run to Me, or run away. Turn away and live on your own; do not truly live. . . Choices. 

Yes,  choose. 

And yes, choosing can break hearts. I know what it means to live with a broken heart, to feel the burden of choice, the weight of rejection and pain and wretchedness. I see it, face to face. And I do not turn away.


Choose, as it is too good—this life worth more than anything, more than any words can describe— to not choose. You receive life from choosing. You receive life from your decisions, your choices, you make, on your own. 

My heart is in you, yes. But I let you choose. And it is trusting that I am in you that helps you make the choice:

Choose Me.

Choose love.

Choose more.

Desire more.

I love you, my darling.

This life I made for you.

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