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Dream Testers - When God's Plan Takes You Through The Fire Sample

Dream Testers - When God's Plan Takes You Through The Fire

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God's Sneak Peek Of Your Future  

Sometimes when God is showing us a picture of our future, He does it in small bits and pieces at a time. Maybe He knows that we are not ready for the big picture all at once. 

If God showed you everything He had in store for you, would it scare you? 

Would you wreck your mind trying to figure out how all of that was going to happen? Or maybe if He showed you the big picture then it wouldn’t take much faith on your part to reach it. 

Whatever the reason, I believe He gives us small glimpses to get us going in the direction of the bigger picture that He has planned for our lives.

In the Bible, Joseph found himself receiving those small glimpses of his future from God in his dreams. He had two distinct dreams that, looking back now, were indicators that his future was pretty important, and that one day he might even be in a place of great leadership in the land.

Although the dreams were very different from each other, they still had a similar pattern that God was showing him.

There’s no limitation with God on how He can present glimpses of your future to you. Maybe He is showing you through dreams or even conversations that you are having with people. Whatever the avenue He chooses to use, it’s important to pay attention to the similarity and how you feel when God is showing you something. 

What are the things that God is showing you that seem to have a similar pattern? 

How do you feel in your gut when you think about them? 

How often are you receiving the glimpses of a possible future?

What are you doing to investigate it further?

All of these are things that you need to consider when you are in the process of searching for clarity on something you think God might be showing you.

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Dream Testers - When God's Plan Takes You Through The Fire

The life of Joseph is one of the most amazing stories in the Bible. It displays the faithfulness of God that causes him to experience great victory after going through some of the most painful and difficult times in his...


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