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Into The Arms Of GodSample

Into The Arms Of God

DAY 1 OF 5

First step of the journey

If you have been to any camp in the last 20 years, then you have probably participated in a ropes course. On a ropes course, there always is a “trust fall.” In a trust fall you basically stand up on a platform, cross your arms over your chest, then you fall backward, and your team catches you. If they don’t catch you, you hit the ground. If you bend in half instead of falling straight back, then your bottom goes right through and you hit the ground. So, you have to trust the ones catching you enough to hold your arms tightly and to fall straight back into theirs.

In his second letter, Peter basically wants us to trust in the Lord enough that we would be able to fall back and know that God is going to catch us.

This letter is three chapters long, and Peter asks us a question per chapter. The first question is: How do I live purely? The second is: How do I discern truth? And the third is: How does this all end? This letter is like an arrow that you would shoot on a bow. You have the tip that is going to hit the target. Then the center piece of the arrow that holds it steady. And finally, the three feathers at the end that guide the arrow so that it can fly straight.

The tip is hope; this is what Peter is trying to use to pierce our lives. The center part that holds it all together is about diligent application. And then he gives us three feathers in each chapter: warnings, reminders, and promises.

The three main topics in 2 Peter are: How do I walk purely, How do I discern truth, and Where is this whole thing going? Now you can impress all your friends in three minutes with what you know about 2 Peter.

Can we fall into the arms of God and really trust Him? Can He catch us? Peter tells us through the Scriptures that He will. Is that enough for us to put our trust in the Lord?

The message in 2 Peter is a very important one particularly for the younger generations because this is a worldview message. There is a huge fight raging between two paths. Peter is going to ask us, “Which path will you take for your life?”

Look for all the Trust Fall reading plans on 2 Peter by Gregg Matte, so that you don’t miss any, by following this list:

2 Peter 1:1-2 Trust Fall

2 Peter 1:3-4 Everything for Life and Godliness

2 Peter 1:5-11 Spiritual Growth

2 Peter 1:12-15 Leaving a Legacy

2 Peter 1:16-20 Social Myths or Spiritual Truths  


This reading plan is based on the Trust Fall series preached by pastor Gregg Matte. To watch the whole sermon this plan was taken from please follow this link: 


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Into The Arms Of God

In the Trust Fall series, Pastor Gregg Matte takes us on a passage-by-passage journey through the Second Epistle of the Apostle Peter. The purpose of this series is to show us that we can fall back with confidence into o...


We would like to thank Gregg Matte, in partnership with El Centro Network for providing this plan. For more information, please visit: and

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