Letting Go Of The Need To Be Right

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The Quality of Being Teachable

One of my favorite Bible characters is Naaman. In 2 Kings 5, Naaman is introduced as a great warrior and the second in command over Syria—much like a vice president in today’s world. But Naaman was also a leper, and when his servant girl spoke of Elisha, a man of God in Israel who could pray for him and heal him of his leprosy, Naaman immediately secured permission from the king to travel to him.

From the moment Naaman arrived at Elisha’s house, things did not go according to his plan. First, the famed prophet didn’t even come out of his house to greet Naaman but instead sent his servant. How rude! Naaman was offended by this display of dishonor. 

Secondly, Elisha’s servant gave Naaman instructions to dip himself seven times in a dirty, nearby river. Naaman had never been so offended in his life. You see, Naaman had his own idea of what his healing would look like, and it wasn’t living up to his image. As the Scripture reads in 2 Kings 5:11–12, he left angry!

At this point, what could he do? He could turn around and go home feeling offended by Elisha, his God, and what he considered to be a dishonor, but he would still suffer from leprosy. Just before Naaman decided to turn back, his servants stepped in and asked him to do the simple thing and dip in the river. Fortunately, he did, and his skin was made like new!

What I love about Naaman is even though he was a vice president and a respected warrior, he was also teachable. Being teachable is not simply a willingness to receive information or correction; it’s also about who you are willing to receive it from. Naaman was able to receive correction from his servants and was healed (James 4:6 NLT).

Are you teachable? Think back and consider people in your life who may have seemed too insignificant for you to receive their instruction or correction.

Father, give me the eyes to see those who you have placed in my life to give me wisdom and instruction.