Dropping In: Experience The Life You Were Meant To Live

Dropping In: Experience The Life You Were Meant To Live

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Conversing with God - Prayer Paddling

Prayer is simply talking with God, conversing with God, communing with God. Every follower of Jesus has a direct line of communication to God that is always available to us. Over the years of growing as a Christian, I have learned that prayer is so much more than words or an activity. Prayer is more of an experience and ongoing conversation in a loving relationship. 

When I pray, as I paddle in the ocean or walk in the neighborhood, early in the morning with my cup of coffee or throughout the day, I often follow the WAVE model of conversing with God. 

Worship - Worshiping God reminds us of who He is and of His love and care for us. Jesus modeled this in His teaching about prayer. When I am using the WAVE model of prayer, I simply say things like, “God, You are all-knowing, You are gracious, You are loving, and You are kind. God, You are so good, You are beautiful, You are gracious and merciful.” 

Admit your Sin - The A in the WAVE model of prayer stands for admission. This reconnects us in our fellowship with God. Our relationship with God is unchanged by sin, but our fellowship is damaged. Fellowship is a word that is defined by sharing, being in community with, and partaking together. When I sin toward God, I simply say, “God, You know where I have failed You. Please forgive me for my selfishness, for the way I spoke to my children or wife, for my impure thoughts, etc.”

Voice Gratitude - The V in WAVE stands for voice your gratitude. The Bible says that every good and perfect thing comes from God. On the way home from surfing in Cocoa Beach recently, my son looked at me and said, “Dad, thanks so much for taking me; I appreciate it.” I loved hearing gratitude from my son. God loves to hear gratitude from His children as well. 

Earnestly Ask - God wants to hear what we want from Him. Recently, I read a birthday wish list from one of my boys. As I looked at his list, I smiled. I loved what I was reading. No, he would likely not receive all he was asking - and it was quite a long list - but as his father, I want what is appropriate for him. 

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Dropping In: Experience The Life You Were Meant To Live

What surfing represents is a feeling many call “stoke.” Stoke joy that comes from catching the perfect wave. God intends we have this kind of life - a life of spiritual stoke! Yet so often we settle for less. Dropping In...

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