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Enlarge My Heart Before You Enlarge My Territory. 

“And Jabez was more honourable than his brethren: and his mother called his name Jabez, saying, Because I bare him with sorrow.” 1 Chronicles 4:9 KJV

God heals your heart before He enlarges your territory. 1 Chronicles Chapter 4 starts with outlining the generational lineage of Judah—whose name means, “Praise”. 

Chapter 4 continues to list out the generational seed of Judah until the story suddenly shifts at Verse 9. The Bible pauses, at this particular verse, to highlight one of Judah’s decedents named, “Jabez”, whose name means “sorrow”. Isn’t it interesting, how the Bible suddenly stops at Verse 9 with the story of “sorrow” (Jabez)?

But “sorrow” is not the conclusion of the matter. Notice, at the beginning of Chapter 4, the story starts out with “Praise” (Judah) and then generations after “Praise” was birthed the story pauses at “Sorrow”. When did your Praise turn into Sorrow? 

The Bible states that Jabez was named “Sorrow” because his mother named him out of her experience of pain and sorrow. Jabez was birthed out of someone else’s temporary emotional condition. In fact, his name, “sorrow”, was not an indication of his destiny nor a reflection of his future. Jabez was named out of the temporary painful experience of another. 

Sometimes, people are led by how they are “feeling”, in the moment, and misdiagnose the destiny others. Your current circumstance is not a permanent indication of your future promise—look beyond how you may “feel” today and focus on God’s vision for your future.


Father God, in the Name of Jesus, I thank You for leading and healing my heart. Thank You for preparing my hands to do Your work. Thank You for leading my feet and establishing my path. Lord, lead my heart in this season and in every season of my life. Lord, I repent for allowing my circumstance to direct and dictate my future. Father, I will hear Your Voice and follow You alone. Father, You are my Hope and my Future. Lord, teach me to look beyond my present circumstance and to look to You in every season. In Jesus Name. Amen.