Fighting Fear And Anxiety With The Promises Of God

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When the Struggle Feels Too Hard:

In a world that often seems dark or difficult, we may find ourselves facing huge battles with fear and anxiety each day. Though we know God’s truth and believe in His word, there’s this struggle we can’t seem to shake off, and sometimes we find ourselves trapped right in the mess of it all. Yet reality tells us that so much of what we spend our time worrying about never even happens. Living under the weight of the “what if’s” is a hard place to dwell. 

God has words of life – of truth – that He wants to speak straight into our fears and worries. And as we choose to soak them in, meditating on them, and praying them back to Him, we will be changed. We’ll be set free from the burden of fear, the weight of worry, and the entanglement of anxiety. 

One of my favorite verses which has carried me through so many difficult and uncertain times is found in Isaiah 41:10. It is the Lord’s very clear reminder to our hearts, not to fear. For He is with us. He is our God. He strengthens us. He helps us. He upholds with His righteous right hand. Nothing in this verse ever says it’s all up to us to make it through somehow. But it assures us that our God who never sleeps or slumbers, is at work, in us, through us, and He promises to hold us up. There’s surely no better, no safer place to be, but to be held…by Him. 

Dear God, 

The fear and anxiety we face often feels like too much to carry. We’re weary, worn, burdened down with too many cares. We come before you today, and we lay it all down at your feet. We know that without you, it is impossible to be truly set free from the things that would seek to entrap us. But through your mighty power, we can be restored and renewed. We can shake off the shackles of fear and anxiety, moving forward in your grace and truth. Thank you for reminding us that we never have to fear, for you are truly with us, giving us strength for every moment, and help through every day. Fill us fresh with your Spirit and with the faith to believe that you are at work in us, through us, for your great purposes and plans. Thank you that you are bigger than these fears we face. 

In Jesus’ Name,