Ready Or Knot? By Scott Kedersha

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Day One: What Makes a Great Marriage?

Scripture: Proverbs 19:20, Matthew 19:5–6

I love a good wedding. I still get a little choked up every time I see a father walking his daughter down the aisle to meet her adoring groom. She usually holds it together while the groom can’t restrain his tears. I enjoy the conversations, the food, the dancing—and of course, the wedding cake! 

But the best weddings are the ones when I’m excited and hopeful for the bride and groom. We’ve all been to weddings when we’re anxious about the couple’s future. I don’t want that to be your story. I want you to be ready to tie the knot! When you share your vows and say “Till death do us part,” I want you to know what and who you are committing to. 

As a marriage pastor, I’ve also noticed that many couples spend more time planning their wedding than preparing for their marriage. Because our society, and even our churches, put a lot of pressure on couples to have a beautiful wedding, far too many couples slide by important conversations and questions that beg to be asked. Don’t misunderstand me: there is nothing wrong with having a great wedding—unless it’s at the expense of a great marriage.  

During the past thirteen years, I’ve helped thousands of seriously dating and engaged couples, and I’ve officiated close to one hundred weddings. I’ve served alongside couples with successful marriages, and I’ve counseled struggling couples who wish they had never gotten married in the first place. Along the way, I have learned countless lessons about dating, relationships, and marriage that I want to pass on to you. 

This devotional guides you through some essential conversations you can begin to have with your significant other before you tie the knot, including ones you’ve been avoiding, and some you probably didn’t even know you should have. Whether you are considering marriage for the first time or thinking through the realities of remarriage, I want to help you ask the hard questions of each other. 

Lord, we need Your help as we process next steps together as a couple. Please grant us the wisdom to discern how You are leading us as a couple. Help us to be honest, open, teachable, and pure as we prepare for whatever You have planned for us in our relationship.