His Plan For You // Travel At His Pace

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Heed the Rhythm Within You

My darling, I know the road feels long, that the pace seems fast, that the future feels so uncertain. 

My darling, let’s just start here: I see you. I know you. Can we just pause . . . for just a moment?

There is a rhythm to our days together—a rhythm within you that I ask you to not ignore. I am looking at you. Right here.

You are the one I have chosen. You are the one I dreamt of.

From the beginning, when I made you, there has been a rhythm. There is a pace I set for you, a pace where you feel most at home.

Trust that. Trust that it can be discovered—trust that we do things together where you don’t have to race to keep up. If you are racing, it is outside of the rhythm I have placed within your heart. 

Trust my pace for you. Pause to find it so you can find it and walk into it: my whisper, to the right, to the left.

I show the way, and I set the pace.

Deep breath, my love.

My gaze is on you. Pause to see Me seeing you. That’s the pace, a deep breath, a pause, a watching Me for the pace . . . And when you find Me, the pace becomes a part of you . . . and you see Me . . .  and you see how I never turn away.

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