Your Best Is Yet To Come: A Daily Devotional

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Every now and then, it can feel as though life has passed you by. It happens to all of us at some point. And when it does, it can be particularly devastating because when we have nothing to look forward to, that hopelessness is just awful.

Well, here’s some good news for you today. With all my heart, I believe that your best is yet to come! Let me introduce you to an old-timer who felt all washed up – a man called Moses. There were so many Israelites in Egypt that Pharaoh was concerned his country would be overrun by the Hebrews. So, he decided to put them all into slavery, and he tried to have all the young Hebrew baby boys killed. 

Moses was one of those baby boys. But he managed to escape and, ironically, he ended up growing up in Pharaoh’s palace. Deep down, Moses had a heart of compassion for his people – a heart that God had given him – which eventually caused him to stand up for the Hebrews who were being abused.

So, after 40 years of living in privilege, Moses found himself on the run for murder. He arrived in Midian, a foreign country in the middle of the desert. 

Sometimes we can feel like we’ve ended up in the middle of nowhere – like Moses, miles from the comfort of Pharaoh’s palace, herding some crummy sheep out back and beyond.

It’s as though God has taken us out of the game and put us on a shelf – somewhere hidden, and so we think it’s all over. But you know, a caterpillar becomes a butterfly while hidden away in a cocoon. A baby grows in their mother’s womb hidden away from everyone’s eyes.

God often does His greatest works in the dark, in the wilderness, in those places where we feel completely alone, where we feel as though it’s all over. But God is doing things in that wilderness that we can’t even begin to imagine. When we least expect it, He comes along and says, “Now I have a plan for you”.

What Moses didn’t realise was that, out in that wilderness, the wilderness where he’d planned on spending the rest of his old age (he was 80 years old by then), his best was yet to come!

God isn’t finished with us yet. My best, your best... is yet to come!



  • Put yourself in Moses’ shoes. How would you feel after spending 40 years in a palace, only to be on the run, tending sheep in the wilderness?
  • What purpose do you think God had in hiding Moses away in that desert place? 
  • Read Exodus 2:23–25. What’s God saying to you through those verses about how you feel in your wilderness?
  • How does Moses’ experience change your perspective on what you’re going through at the moment?

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