Intentional Living

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What does it take to live a life that matters?

You hear that question asked in high schools, colleges, and offices around the world, or anywhere there are people who wrestle with a sense that they were made for more. It’s a common query among people who have dreams and goals—the kind of people who know that their life is meant to serve a greater purpose.

It’s the question that drives people to pursue an education, launch a business, volunteer in their community; it’s the question that serves as the heartbeat for every leader, every agent of change who wants to make the world a better place.

And chances are, it’s a question you’ve asked yourself.

But have you ever answered?

For over 40 years, John Maxwell has worked to inspire the next generation of leaders, men and women of substance and passion, to not merely live their lives, but lead them.

What’s the difference? Someone who merely lives their life gives little to no thought about what they do with their day—they’re willing to accept whatever life (or someone else) throws at them. They take direction from others, but never set direction for themselves. In short, they live someone else’s plan.

But people who lead their lives take ownership of their days. They plan for growth. They live with a sense of greater purpose. They understand, as the Apostle Paul did, that everything is done for the glory of God.

Intentional living is leading a life of purpose on purpose. It is living each day with the full realization that each opportunity we encounter, each person we meet, provides us a blank canvas for creating a masterpiece that brings God greater glory.

We are called to make a difference in our world, to impact the people and places we find ourselves all along the journey of our lives. Intentional living means stepping out of our comfort zones and stepping into a life that chooses to follow God’s purpose.

You can step out today. It doesn’t take much—just a commitment to lead your life instead of just living it. 

This reading plan is inspired by the ideas in John Maxwell's book, Intentional LIving: Choosing a Life That Matters.