Comfort For Those Who Hurt

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Stilled and Quieted

The raging waves of the world’s worries crash against the shore of our souls. At work it may be missed deadlines or mismanagement of money. At home it may be miscommunication or a “monster” of a child. At school it may be the misconduct of others or the misfortune of feeling alone. Life is loud, and sometimes its deafening tones tune out our trust in God. 

Only in silence can our souls be resuscitated by our Savior, Jesus, who works wonders when we wait before Him. We are clamorous without Christ, but by grace our souls are subdued and soothed. Calm and contentment come forth by faith when we are stilled and quieted before Christ. 

One example is the emotional word picture of parental love (Isaiah 66:13). A mother is a comfort to her weaned child, even though she has denied that child a comfort previously known. As you linger quietly with the Lord in anticipation, what He gives you may not be what you want but what you need. You may want to leave, but He knows you need to stay. You may want to start a ministry, but He knows you need to run a business. You may want to marry, but He knows you need to mature more in your faith and grow more stable in your finances. You may want to get, but He knows you need to give. 

You may want a promotion, but He knows you need to learn faithfulness and contentment where you currently work. The Holy Spirit may be weaning you off someone or something so you will want and need only Him. 

So still and quiet your soul by inviting your heavenly Father’s warm embrace. You can sleep well when He holds you. By God’s grace, remain childlike in your faith and character. Keep your heart humble and honest under heaven’s hope. Like a child looks to his mother for comfort and security, look to your Savior, Jesus, for His quiet confidence and strength. 

A heart kept by Christ lives for Christ. Settle your soul in stillness and solitude with Jesus. 

What routines can I integrate into my daily life so I can be still and quiet before Christ?

This Bible reading plan is adapted from A Little Book of Comfort by Boyd and Rita Bailey.  Grow closer to Jesus and lean on His teaching for help in the midst of everyday concerns related to work, worries, finances, and more.  Learn more at the following affiliate link here.