The Creative Restorer

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We really need to settle our differences with each other!

Jesus says very clearly in Matthew 18:15, if you have unfinished business with a brother or sister, then you need to go to them and reconcile, deal with the issue at hand.

Then you will start to feel the reward that comes from obedience, the peace and joy, that you receive from Father God from hearing and obeying His will for your life.

I can hear you saying, "But it was not my fault!"

But the Lord Jesus clearly says, "If your brother has trespassed against you...".

Jesus knows what is good for you and me, He knows that unforgiveness can even turn into hatred and that is a burden that becomes so heavy that it will eventually kill you.

So, let's go swiftly to that person who has trespassed against us (often very close to home), and tell them what has offended you, and make up, restore that relationship so that Jesus can remove your burden.