Overcoming Temptation

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It’s not wrong to be tempted. All of us will be tempted at some point in our lives. We just read that even Jesus was tempted. But, it becomes wrong when we give in to the temptation and do something we know isn’t right.

Here’s the thing about temptation. It looks good at first. It could tempt us toward something we actually want to do, but in reality, it promises something that it can’t deliver.

When we give in to it, we buy into a lie. Temptation will lead you to do wrong whether it be to cheat on a test, to get a good grade, or to lie to your parents so you don’t get in trouble.

We need to learn to recognize when we’re being tempted to do something that we know isn’t right, and give it over to God. He can give us the strength to overcome.

So, when and where do you feel like you are being tempted? What things do you need to give to God and get strength from Him to do what’s right?

Spend the next few moments praying to God about those things. Know that through Him, you can overcome!