Countdown to Deployment

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Two Prayer Plans

Do you specifically ask your spouse how you can pray during deployment? Or is it easier to fall into the pattern of asking God to keep your spouse safe? No matter whether you are away or at home, doesn’t that always work? 

But what if the Holy Spirit is leading you to pray more intentionally for your spouse, your marriage, your work, your health, your future, your circumstances . . . and yes, your safety? Here are two easy-to-visualize plans to consider:

Pray from head to toe. Start at your spouse’s head and pray for his/her mind to focus on truth and purity; for the eyes to look for good but to be alert to danger; for the mouth to speak with understanding and kindness; for the heart to be on guard and be thankful; for the hands to only be used to His glory; for the legs to carry him/her by faith; and for the feet to take them away from discouragement and toward hope. 

Pray through the “spiritual armor.” Read through the pieces of the spiritual armor in Ephesians 6 and pray for your spouse as you imagine helping them “put on” each piece.

Start with the helmet of salvation to cover their mind with perspective and joy more each day. Pray for the breastplate of righteousness to cover and protect their heart with a right relationship with God and for the belt of truth to know His grace and mercy in total trust without fear.

Move on to the shield of faith to protect them from the fiery darts of worry, doubt, guilt, and despair. Pray for the sword of the Spirit to always carry God’s promises into victory through a fresh filling of God’s Holy Spirit. Pray that your spouse would cover their feet with the “preparation of the gospel of peace” and serve with compassion and servanthood—always ready to proclaim the good news of eternal salvation through Jesus Christ.

1. When you are able, pray together. On the phone, over email, even with a text . . . speak or write those words so that your spouse can “hear” your confidence in the power of prayer! They will feel protected by your love and concern.

2. Share with each other how you would like your spouse to pray for you.

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