Phil Roberton's GOD IS NOT DEAD 5- Day Devotional

Day 1 of 5 • This day’s reading


 We’re two thousand years away from the incarnation of Christ, who had lived a morally perfect life of love, died as a sacrifice for our sins, and beat the grave so we might beat it too one day. We’re two thousand years away from the writings of the apostles, the early followers of Christ who taught us to live like Christ, with lives of righteous, holy love. We’re two thousand years away, but here’s the thing about absolute truth: It doesn’t change with time. It’s as solid as petrified cypress. As immovable too.

So, the world can claim that God has died, and his truth has passed away with him. They can say all truth is relative, that it can be changed with the shifting desires of men. They can say I’m a crazy, uneducated, Bible-thumping river rat. They can say, and say, and say. You know what my response will be?

The truth ain’t a buzzkill, dude. It’ll give you life, peace of mind, and make you happy, happy, happy.

And just imagine it. . . . Wouldn’t it reduce addiction, crime, drug use, and all our . . . sicknesses? Wouldn’t it make us a nation of harder workers and wiser managers of time and money? Wouldn’t it give us a purpose beyond making money, working for the weekend, keeping up with the Joneses? I bet it’d lead to a more moral, just, and virtuous society too. It would cut down on sex scandals and race riots, I know that much. Wouldn’t it give us eternal life?

Following the truth has its benefits, see.