Hollywood Prayer Network On Rejection

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"Don't misinterpret God's silence as rejection." T.B. Joshua                

"Don’t be afraid of making mistakes. Don’t worry about runaway emotions. Don’t worry about the things that scare you in the deepest parts of your soul—like rejection, like condemnation. Don’t be afraid of God. There is nothing in Him to condemn us. He knows, and He loves, and He fights for us more than we could imagine."  John Paul Jackson 

PRAY:  Dear God, I praise You, for You have not rejected my prayer or withheld Your love from me! I know, Lord, that You will not reject Your people and You will never forsake me, who is Your inheritance. I praise Your holy name and embrace You as You have embraced me, in Jesus' name.

REFLECT:  Oh, if only we could live our lives in a constant state of praise to our almighty and awesome God! That may only be possible if we don't reject ourselves, through having bad self esteem, insecurity, or even depression. We have to look at ourselves through God's eyes and not through our own distorted mirror. Only then can we be free to praise Him and truly believe in our heart that the Lord will NOT reject us as one of His people. He loves you so much that you are His inheritance. Can you praise Him for that and truly believe it?

ACT:   Take a look at how you feel about yourself. Are you too hard on yourself? Do you have a low self esteem? Do you truly believe that God is crazy in love with you? If not, you may be rejecting God's inheritance for you. You could believe that God is rejecting you or your prayers because you think He doesn't consider you worthy. That's not true! Is there any area of your life where you are rejecting God's truths and thus not believing that you are valued, loved, and that you can make a positive difference in this world just by being you? Look deep within yourself and start praising God for who He made you to be, believing that you are His rich inheritance! 

For encouragement listen online to "You Say" by Lauren Daigle