Can't Make This Stuff Up By Whoa Susannah

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 I look back on the events in my life—the happiness and sadness and loss and redemption and restoration—and it’s like a book. God is writing the story of my life.

He’s writing the story of your life. And just like any great read, there has to be plot development. There has to be a test for the testimony. Things have to happen or it would be a snooze fest, wouldn’t it? Sometimes the story leaves us crying. Or on the edge of our seats. Or laughing. Or peeing our pants. Or wondering what is going to happen next. But the characters always have purpose.

When I write fiction, I am in control of the story. I never fear for my characters. I never think, Well, I’m going to allow her to go through some things, and I sure hope she perseveres! No, I already know how the story ends. I’m bigger than the protagonist’s problems. I can squash the antagonist with one word. I’m the author. I’m in control.

Just as God is the Author of our stories—of our lives.

Embrace that. Embrace your purpose and trust the Author.

And you know what else I’ve discovered? God not only writes our story, He rinses us of our sins. He writes. He rinses us white. He writes. He rinses. And repeats.