The Increase





Have you noticed how crazy our world has become? Now more than ever, competing voices are screaming at us for their immediate attention, and something inside of us feels compelled to listen to each one.

People are trying to sell us their product, and our email Inboxes are full every morning as proof. People text us, and expect an immediate response. Our bosses (and coaches) have 24-hour access to us, so if they have a new thought or idea in the middle of the night, they let us know about it (also in the middle of the night).

The real problem with these voices isn’t the voices themselves. The real problem is what these voices stop us from hearing. They are urgent, but they often lack importance.

Because when they scream constantly, it’s almost impossible to hear the still small voice of God.

There was a great and powerful wind, but God was not in it. Then an earthquake, but God was not in it either. Then a fire, but again His voice was silent. And finally, a gentle whisper. And only then did Elijah hear and respond. Only then did he have clarity.

I feel like that story of Elijah describes me. My life was spinning out of control, and my closest relationship (with my wife Michi) proved it. In the middle of the chaos, I met someone on an airplane, a person with wisdom and a kind face. We struck up a conversation, and she told me that I needed to pray every day for one thing.




So I began to pray every day for that one single thing.

Clarity to hear what God wanted me to hear, above all of the lesser cries. Clarity about what was causing this ongoing frustration and agitation in me, and in my closest relationships. Clarity about how to be a stronger man, a better leader, and a more loyal teammate.

And one day, in a place where you’d never imagine it to happen, God spoke with extreme clarity to me. The one thing I had prayed for was finally being given to me.

And things haven’t been the same since that day.

I invite you to hear the rest of my story at The Increase. God has redeemed my life from the pit, and I’m learning to walk day by day in His footsteps, as I follow Him and surrender my own will.