The Pound For Pound Principle



What are you and I doing with what we’ve been given? 

In Matthew 25:14-29, Jesus told the parable of the talents to his disciples. To summarize, the master gave something to three different servants, and they were each expected to multiply the amount they received. In the end, each servant was held accountable for what they did or did not do with what they were given. The two servants who stewarded well what was given to them were given more by their master, and the one servant who did nothing with the talent he was given had it taken away from him. 

The pound for pound principle centers around doing the best you can with what you’ve been given. Notice I haven’t made a case for bigger is better. I haven’t said success is everything. What I do want you to take to heart is that we are called to bear fruit. And when I refer to fruit, I mean tangible evidence and results in our lives that show we’ve been faithful to what God has given us. You and I have a responsibility to use what we’ve been given no matter the size, our education, our training (or lack thereof) or even our own personal perceptions. 

One of the major pitfalls to stewarding well what the Lord has given you is complacency. We, as Christians, must learn to overcome complacency with contentment. Complacency says, “This is good enough. I’ve already exceeded my expectations or done the best I can, so why work harder?” Contentment says, “I’m thankful for what the Lord has blessed me with. I keep pressing on toward the mission God has called me to fulfill, but I remain secure in Him.” 

You and I have been entrusted with time, relationships, people and resources. There is an expectation placed upon us to steward them well. Take what you have been given and do the best with what you have.