Perfect Trust


Perfectly Wise

One of the most valuable things in life is wisdom. When we find ourselves in a bind or facing a tough decision, there’s nothing like having someone we can turn to who can provide wise counsel to help guide us in the right direction. 

Imagine if that person was perfectly wise. That no matter what you faced, he or she could give you perfect guidance that would always lead you in the right direction. 

Well, that’s our God. 

God is the very fountain of wisdom, born out of His perfect knowledge (in theology it’s called omniscience) and perfect understanding. He is the only one who can be called truly wise. In the verses above, Paul reaffirms the truth that God’s wisdom is so deep, that His judgments and ways are beyond our comprehension. There is no way we can possibly understand or grasp the measure or extent of God’s wisdom.

To make his point, Paul quotes from Isaiah 40 and Job 41 to remind us that no one has ever counseled God or known what is in His mind. Because you can’t know the unknowable. And you can’t give counsel to an all-knowing, all-wise God from whom are all things and through whom and for whom are all things. God alone has a corner on true and perfect wisdom.

Now, imagine that perfect wisdom matched with His perfect love for you. That is an unbeatable combination.

A God who loves you perfectly is ready to guide you with His perfect wisdom if you will trust Him for that. But that doesn’t mean He will necessarily do what you want or take you where you want to be. What it means is that you can trust Him to take you where you need to be. 

In God’s perfect knowledge, understanding, and wisdom, He and He alone knows what is best for you and where to guide you so that you experience your perfect destiny. And He’s ready to download that wisdom no matter what you are facing if you will only ask, and then trust that what He reveals is right for you. 

James understood this truth, even in tough circumstances, which is why he penned the words in James 1:2-8.

So here’s my question: if God loves you perfectly, and He is perfectly good, and His wisdom is perfect, how can you not trust Him to guide you perfectly?

RESPOND: What are you facing today where you need wise counsel? Take it to God in prayer and lay it at His feet, fully trusting Him to give you the wisdom you need. Then TRUST Him to guide you and follow His direction, because He will.