David: The Boy Who Would Be King

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 The prophet Samuel was searching for Israel’s next king and God led him to David’s house. As Samuel met all of David’s older brothers, he saw how strong and tall they were.  He thought surely one of them was God’s anointed future king. But God told Samuel something amazing.  He passed by all the older brothers as none were fit to be king because God had chosen David, who wasn’t even invited to meet Samuel, to be king.

When Samuel saw David, he knew that God’s anointed stood before him. Despite his youth, David was a young man whose heart beat with a love for God and His Word. The scriptures call David a man after God’s own heart. God told Samuel when he looked upon David’s brothers, though they were strong in appearance, God looks to the hearts of men and women and He sees what is in our hearts. Eventually though, like David, others will see what is in our hearts. 

This is a teaching found throughout Scripture. God knows our hearts. Our outward actions come from the overflow of what happens in our hearts. David was a young man who spent his days in the field writing psalms and praying to God.   This love for God was evident to Samuel despite his youth and the smell of sheep on his clothing. 

In our own lives, what we spend our time, energy, and passions on will determine the kind of fruit that we show to the world. As students, we have the opportunity to let the world see our love for God as it flows from the overflow of our time spent with Him. 

Reflection Question:

David grew close to God through writing psalms and prayer. What are ways we can grow closer to God’s heart?