The Wisdom Of The Teacher For Today's College Students, Chapter One

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The words of this book have been used in many forms and for many purposes over the years. The word “Teacher” here can mean the “leader of the assembly”. If you are a Christian, you might also recognize the word for the church hidden in the title “Ekklesia” or called out ones. But it really should be translated as it most often is using the word “teacher”. 

Many scholars differ as to whether Solomon wrote the book or that it was attributed to him because it contains the wisdom found in living his unique and storied life. This book may have some of the deepest mines of wisdom to inform the lives of today’s college students. So, I invite you to join me as we look at what the Teacher can teach us from the distant past that still so readily speaks to the situations we find ourselves in today on college campuses across the globe but especially in America.