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Moving from Hurting to Healing Sample

Moving from Hurting to Healing

DAY 3 OF 4

One night, while driving to a meeting, I found myself wrestling with five negative and intimidating statements from my past:

“You’re just like me!” 

“You will never ...” 

“If God ever takes His hand off a man, He never ...!” 

“What do you think you’re doing?” 

“It’s too late for you!” 

Somehow, the vibrations of the highway seemed to be jarring those long-forgotten statements loose from their hiding places, each one accompanied with its painful recollection of repeated failure.

I was perplexed. Why was it that, in spite of all the positive and encouraging statements I’d heard over the years, those five negative statements were so deeply and indelibly etched in my spirit? Though spoken years and miles away, they were as fresh in my mind as if uttered only minutes earlier.

As I prayed to be free of these words, God showed me the three weapons available to me—and to you—that will ultimately gain the victory.

1. His Word: First, I brought each of the five statements before the Word of God. Reflecting on each one, I asked this question: Is there anywhere in God’s Word where it is written that this statement is inevitably true of me? Searching the Bible verses I could recall, I asked the Lord to reveal the truth about me. I almost laughed when I discovered that, not only did God’s Word not label me with any of those five accusations, it actually included frequent, strong and pointed statements to the contrary.

2. His Name: I declared in faith, “In the strong name of Jesus, whose I am, who lives in me, and who is causing me to become like Him, I break the curse of these words.” By this time I was rejoicing. Tears were running down my cheeks as I began to experience a freedom I had not known for years.

3. His Blood: With thoughts of Calvary filling my heart, I mentally dragged each of those five curses to the foot of the cross. “Tell me,” I virtually shouted, “did you escape the atoning work of Christ? Has the blood of Christ not touched and conquered you, that blood of Jesus that cleanses us from all unrighteousness?” 

One at a time, those five curses, driven first into submission by the Word of God, then unable to stand when confronted by the name of Jesus, now began to crumble and fade into nothingness at the foot of the cross where Jesus’ life was poured out for cleansing on my behalf.

Are accusing statements from others buried in your heart, periodically surfacing to rob you of God’s best for your life? Are you operating on false assumptions based on words you may have only casually overheard or read, but believe to be true about yourself?

You can be set free from that curse through the three weapons of His Word, His Name, and His Blood.

Pray this prayer with me: 

Heavenly Father, Satan has been like a roaring lion in my life, roaring lies into my soul. I want to take each one to you and ask you if these are truths or lies. And in the name of Jesus, I reject the lies of Satan and this work he’s done in my heart. I accept your truths and the work Jesus did for me at Calvary, and I chose to turn those thoughts over to Him and accept new, truthful descriptions about myself. Thank you for taking away these lies. 

In Jesus’ name,

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Moving from Hurting to Healing

My mother said, “Be nice to everyone, because everyone has problems!” But how does one move from hurting to healing? Out of my own attempts to do so, I share my stories. God revealed crucial scriptural, Christ-centered a...


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