21 Prayers Every Christian Should Pray



Today’s Bible Reading: Matthew 11:25-30

The crowds of people who Jesus ministered to during His time on earth were carrying a heavy load. In addition to the rigors of scratching out a living and providing for the needs of their families, they lived with the constant reminder that they were under the control of the Roman Empire, requiring them to pay heavy taxes to a foreign power that had very little concern for them. As if that were not enough, even their own religious leaders sternly oppressed them with man-made rituals and regulations.

In spite of all this, the Jewish people had an enduring hope that the Messiah would soon come and deliver them from their oppressors. And in spite of the fact that many of them were blinded to His true identity, Jesus the Messiah did come to rescue them, and us, from the heavy burdens of this life. One day soon, Christ will come again and fulfill every promise of God. But, until that day, we keep trusting and we reject every worry and fear and burden that would weigh us down. We make conscious decisions every day to unburden ourselves and place our burdens squarely upon the shoulders of Christ, where they belong. You and I were never created to carry the heaviness of fear, anxiety, and depression. Through prayer, we take every weight to Jesus Christ, the One who bears our burdens. 

Today’s Prayer Focus: An Unburdened Heart and Mind