21 Prayers Every Christian Should Pray



Today’s Scripture Reading: Romans 10:13-15

Occasionally, we will hear stories of God supernaturally, miraculously appearing to people in dreams and visions, leading to them finding Christ and putting their trust in Him. This is awesome when it happens! But it’s not the norm. Usually, the way people hear about Christ is God sends someone to them to tell them the good news of salvation. This is the way that the gospel has spread exponentially around the globe.

In this sense, every Christian is either someone who is being sent to preach the gospel or we are someone who God uses to help send those who are being sent. Either way, every one of us is called to God’s mission to save lost people from a Christ-less eternity. Whether it is around the world or across the street, there are people who need to be witnessed to – people who need to hear the Story.

So, our prayer today is simple but powerful – Lord, send me!

Today’s Prayer Focus: Use Me For Your Mission