Growing In Prayer Devotional

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You Are Called to Pray  

How do we abide in God?

The core activity of abiding in Christ is prayer—simply talking to Jesus. Because we are not the source of spiritual life ourselves, we cannot generate it, nor can we receive it unless we abide in Christ.

We were not created to have Spirit-life while living independently of the Spirit. We must abide in Christ and grow in prayer to make our lives work. The Holy Spirit will move in a new and powerful way in your heart and life as you take time to grow in prayer. The discipline of prayer will eventually become delight in prayer. Dryness in prayer will gradually be replaced by a vibrant dialogue with God that will change your life and result in many answered prayers.

What Can I Do?

Set a schedule for regular prayer times. A schedule establishes when you will pray, and it will help you to be consistent in talking to Jesus. I pray much more consistently if I block out time on my schedule that is devoted to spending time with Jesus.

For Reflection

Lord, forgive me for not realizing how essential prayer is to my spiritual growth and for not making it a priority in my life. Help me to set aside time daily for focused communication with You.