30 Day Shred


Day One: Genesis 1-41


Here are some HOT TIPS to help you find your stride in this 30 Day Shred!

1. Read  (or listen to an audio translation) quickly. The point isn't to find some verse that speaks to you--don't read the way you usually do. The point is to see the BIG PICTURE. 

2. If you have to, SKIM! It's more important that you finish each day and see the BIG PICTURE than not finishing each day, giving up, and complaining because you've already quit something after 4 days. 

3. How do you eat an elephant? Piece by piece. Reading in little spurts throughout your day might help you get this giant task done! If it's 9:30pm and you're just digging in, you might have to be in SKIM FOR YOUR LIFE mode and ain't nobody got time for that.

4. Find a succinct translation to read, like ESV or NIV. We don't need to get upset with St. Peterson because he liked to take the scenic route in some passages. 

5. Text a friend everyday you complete it. Flex those muscles, that's the whole point of the SHRED, duh.