Seeking Real Wisdom


Welcome to Seeking Real Wisdom! This plan is perhaps different than others you have done in the past. It aims to spend a lot of time within this single book of the Bible, meditating daily on a specific aspect of each chapter.  It is designed to be used every day, every month of the year- digging deeply into the wisdom of the Lord. Each month will focus on a specific meditation and will build upon each other as we apply this plan month by month in seeking real wisdom.  Each devotional will specify what that month's meditation is.  

As you read each chapter daily, listen to the Holy Spirit's promptings as you reflect on what God is speaking to you through the Proverbs. The reflection time may seem simple, they are written to be single-minded in focus, however over time you will begin to see God threading His wisdom more and more into your life. There is no better book of scripture to meditate on to gain truth and wisdom in practical and realistic ways! 

Join us daily! It's easy! Grab a journal (it's highly recommended!) The day of the month should match that same chapter in Proverbs. If it's the 3rd of the month, then start on day 3, if it's the 21st, then jump ahead to day 21. Thirty-one Proverbs for 31 days of each month (or there-abouts!) 

Join us monthly (bring along friends!) and then rejoin the plan again and again to reflect on all the different aspects of Solomon's writings. Each month will have you reflect and journal something different. By the end of the year, you can have read through this book of wisdom twelve times! Many will have it memorized.... all will have God's wisdom deeply entrenched in their hearts by the end.

So, without further ado, let's get to it.  Check your month and date and get started!



January- What verse struck you today? Why?

February- What is the theme(s) of this chapter?

March- What is the purpose of this chapter? What is the point?

April- Why do you think these words are placed in this chapter? What trends are you seeing in the format? Look back at answers from previous months- are you seeing developments in what you are writing? 

May- What verse stood out to you today? Why? 

June- What promises or guarantees are made in this chapter? Are they warning or encouragement? Are you heeding these words?

July- You are now halfway through the year! If you've been at this since January, you’ve seen these verses 6 times now- which ones continue to shadow your thoughts? What is God bringing to your mind and heart? Are you responding appropriately?

August- Who in your life needs to hear one of these verses today? Will you share this wisdom with them? If not you, who will?

September- What particular verse spoke to your life today? Why? Look back today at what you’ve written for this chapter over the months. What shape do you see? What is God teaching you for this particular chapter?

October- Where is your life sitting in regards to this chapter today? What needs to be worked on?

November- God is speaking wisdom into you today, when have you noticed Him whispering these words during your day? Are you listening and responding?

December- You’ve now read this chapter 12 times in the last year- what is your favorite verse and why?