The Speed Of Favor

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DAY ONE: Living Your Second Choice  

Are you living in what’s known as a “second-choice world”? Maybe a promising marriage ended in divorce. Maybe your retirement plans seem to be in jeopardy, and it looks like you’ll have to work much longer than you wanted.

If you’re experiencing a listless faith and powerless Christianity, if worry dominates your mind and fear paralyzes your heart, you do not have to stay on that crowded road. There’s another exit just up ahead, one that leads to a paradigm of favor.

God will exceed all you expect. He will increase all you invest. And He will accelerate time to accomplish His kingdom purpose in and through you. That is the word the Lord gave me early one morning. Since then, He has done that and more in my life.

This is for anyone who takes Him at His Word and obeys His promptings. God is releasing this season of unprecedented favor and accelerated increase to bring in His end-time harvest. The overflow of His favor will touch your life and mine. We will see miraculous provision, supernatural breakthrough, and unparalleled blessing. If you are a child of God, these troubled times are nothing to fear. God is pouring out His Spirit and releasing His favor at breakneck speed. Nothing can rival the speed of His favor.