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Five Lessons At ChristmasSample

Five Lessons At Christmas

DAY 1 OF 5

Mary: Thoughtful Wonder

Mary sets an amazing example. She responds to God's gracious favour and the announcement of her miraculous pregnancy with simple faith and humility. "I am the Lord's servant, may it be to me as you have said." (Luk.1:38)

Later, when John the Baptist has done a happy dance in Elizabeth's womb, it is as though Mary has finally processed all that is happening and her muted response after the angel's visit transforms into an explosion of praise as she bursts forth with what we now call "the Magnificat" - a hymn which reflects a significant understanding of who God is, what the Messiah came to do, and her part in all of it.

Mary is Mom to the Son of God and is present at the cross where, as Simeon prophesied, a sword would pierce her own soul. She then became an important part of the life of the early church and her son, James would emerge as the head of the church.

Mary was not perfect. (While some consider Mary to be without sin or failure, Scripture reveals her to be fallible and prone to a lack of understanding and mistakes - just as we are. For example:

  • She didn't know that 12 year old Jesus would be in His Father's house. (Lk.2:49)
  • At one point during Jesus public ministry Mary and her sons came to take charge of Jesus for they considered him to be "out of his mind." (Mk.3:21)

So she was not perfect or sinless  but there is a lot we can learn from her faithfulness and devotion.  But what was Mary's secret?
I believe it is the attitude of thoughtful wonder. Luke affirms this twice over in his account of Jesus' birth and childhood.

Mary observed the birth, the shepherds, the magi and pondered and treasured them. She reflected on the 12 year old Jesus surrounded by flabbergasted teachers of the law and treasured these thoughts.

We can know the Christmas story. But have we pondered and treasured it?  

Maybe we should resolve to enter into this Advent season with an attitude of thoughtful wonder. So what if the the shops are decorating and playing carols endlessly - can we not use this as an opportunity to reflect on the wonder of a Baby's birth that is still impacting the world and prompting acts of kindness and beauty?? 

Dust off the carols and the nativity scenes, re-read the gospel accounts of Jesus birth, marvel at John's poetic prologue about the "Word made Flesh," immerse yourself in the wonderful celebration of the greatest gift ever given to humankind. See the Christmas story through the eyes of a child. Treasure these thoughts and ponder them.  

About this Plan

Five Lessons At Christmas

As we near the celebration of Christ's birth, here's a short five part study with lessons we can learn from five key characters in the Christmas story...

We would like to thank Theo Groeneveld for providing this plan. For more information, please visit:

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