21 Days to a Victorious Life

Day 1 - My Steps to Victory (SELF)
A few years ago, I started what I call my “Steps to Victory” walk. I used my exercise time to walk quietly along the lake to hear from God. During these walks, I asked the Holy Spirit to reveal to me the knowledge I needed, and also what God needed me to do.
Communicate with the Holy Spirit
If you have never communicated with the Holy Spirit, you are missing out. God has given us the Holy Spirit. He has God’s authority to tell us what to say and what to do, read John 16:13. He continues to guide us in all truth, so we can detect between “okay” choices to the best choice God has for us.
He is here for you to understand
The Holy Spirit lives in all of us. God sent Him to be our comforter. Also, the Word tells us He will teach us everything, read John 14:26. It is through the Holy Spirit that God reveals the truth about us.
Ask the Holy Spirit to help
The Word tells us the power of the Holy Spirit. If we walk in the Spirit and not in the flesh, God will reveal the unknown. Isaiah 30:21 sums it up best. It states that we will hear whether to go right or left. Isn’t this great? If we stay connected to the Holy Spirit, He will lead us into the truth and help us every day.
This plan is comprised of excerpts from the book 21 Days Of Victorious Living by Kemberley Washington. Copyright (c) 2015 by 21daysof.com. All rights reserved.