Fasting With A Purpose

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Saying Yes To God

Fasting helps us recognize our dependence on God. We must make sure we approach our fast with the right attitude and intentions.

Fasting is an act that Christians have practiced since Biblical times. Even our Savior, Jesus Christ, fasted. It helps us to take our eyes off of our current worldly situation and focus our need toward dependence on God. Although not a regular part of most Christians' lives, fasting is a proven way to see spiritual growth. It is our choice to make. Listen to bestselling author Robert Wolgemuth speak about this choice.

The change in attitude that Robert speaks of may make a drastic difference in your fast. Think back to the purpose of fasting. It is a faith-based practice that helps us grow closer toward Christ. When done out of reluctance and self-will, it could have the opposite effect. As you prepare to fast, make sure your attitude and intentions are what God desires. Let Him guide you to the right purpose.


  • If you have fasted before, what has been your attitude leading up to the fast?
  • How can you say “yes” to God with a future fast?