The Money Mentor: A 7-Day Plan To Financial Health


Starting Out: Examine Your Financial Beliefs

Your core beliefs about finances will dictate how you earn, spend, save, and share your resources. Your financial status today is a reflection of those beliefs. This has certainly been true in my own life. Having watched a stream of financially strapped borrowers always asking for small cash loans from my dad, I concluded early on that one should never, ever be without a significant emergency reserve. 

Of course, there is an upside and a downside to this mind-set. On the upside, it has served as a financial “governor” that causes me to live beneath my means. On the downside, it used to hinder me from stepping out in faith when I’ve felt an urging from the Spirit to do so—especially when it would diminish my bank account below my comfort level. I’m sure I may have missed some blessings, but through godly role models, I’ve come a long way in “walking by faith and not by sight.”

Since our behavior comes out of a belief system, it is critical that we examine such beliefs to see which work against us and which empower us—and more importantly, which beliefs align with the word of God and which do not.  

I’ve set forth below a few common negative beliefs that women often hold. As you consider each one—or others you may hold, I want you to be honest in responding to these three questions:

  • Do I embrace this belief? 

  • If so, what effect has it had on my finances, my aspirations, or my pursuit of opportunities?

  • How might my life improve if I let go of this belief? 

Negative Beliefs:

  • “Wealthy people are materialistic and ungodly.”

  • “If I have abundance, my family and friends might envy me.”

  • “Money will change who I am.”

  • “Wealthy people are not happy.”

  • “It’s not in the cards for me to have abundance.”

  • “Poor people have a closer relationship to God.”

We must identify and forsake these kinds of damaging beliefs to build a strong financial foundation. Let’s renounce them right now with this simple prayer: 

“Father, by Your grace I reject every erroneous or limiting belief that threatens to sabotage my finances. I ask that You open the eyes of my understanding and cause me to embrace the truths that will set me free to soar financially. In the name of Jesus, I pray. Amen.”

- - - - - - - - 

These devotions are adapted from The One-Minute Money Mentor for Women: 21 Strategies for Financial Empowerment by Deborah Smith Pegues. To learn more about how to identify your financial beliefs and take charge of your money, visit