Live Without Borders

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Exchanging Our Old Clothes for New Designer Clothes

Today’s Look into the Closet of Exchange:

David, the writer of this psalm, had plenty of reasons to feel fear throughout his short life. He killed a bear that tried to eat his sheep; he killed the giant, Goliath, who had tried to frighten and dominate God’s people, and he was frequently pursued by a king who wanted him eliminated. But time and time again, David chose to believe in the God who had given him courage and victory over those challenges. In each of our own challenges, we face the same choice: fear or faith.

Our lives are like closets full of memories and experiences, and those closets can show us the times when we experienced feelings of both fear and peace. They also show us the clothes we wore: heavy coats that isolated us from others and lightweight jackets that made us feel like we could fly.

My experiences have taught me that fear isolates us. It freezes and binds us up to keep us from making any kind of progress. When David said that he would trust in God when fear appeared, he was simply saying he would find confidence, hope, trust, and help in knowing who God is and what He is able to do.

Faith, however, is all about who you have faith in—not the size of your faith. Faith is choosing to trust something that cannot be proven—at any given time and regardless of circumstance. Faith in God calls us to find hope, expectation, comfort, peace, and rest in every situation. Grab onto it right now! You will become free and able to move again! Go to your closet and see what’s inside.

Today’s Life Exchange:

1. What fearful thing freezes you in place? Is there a promise from God you can claim today?

2. Write today’s Scripture on a piece of paper and carry that promise with you all day.

3. Look into your closet of life and remove those pieces that only bring you fear. Hang up new outfits that set you free to trust God today.