Overcoming Insomnia

Overcoming Insomnia

DAY 4 OF 5

Casting All Your Cares Upon Christ

Face it, when you feel burdened by all the problems and concerns in life, it’s easy to lay awake at 3 am and spend the rest of the night worrying about one thing after another. Wouldn’t it be easier to sleep if all your problems disappeared? Well, you can’t make your problems magically disappear but you CAN turn them over to Someone who can not only handle them but actually cause them to work together for your good.

The Bible extends this invitation to you when it says to “Cast ALL your cares upon Him because He cares for you.” He didn’t say “some”, He said “all” your cares. In this verse, we see that God’s concern for you extends to all the situations you’re worried about. The God who created all things and has the very hairs on your head numbered is sovereign over every molecule in the universe. He didn’t design you to carry these burdens. He loves you and He wants you to trust Him with each and every thing you’re concerned about.

The apostle Paul wrote these words: “And we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose.” Meditate on this promise. And we know – we know with certainty – that God causes all things – all the things in my life right now – to work together for good in my life. All things means every single thing. Including not only good things but also bad things as well. He orchestrates all things to work together for good in your life.

Your Heavenly Father invites you to experience real freedom from worry. He wants you to simply release your concerns to Him and leave them in His hands. 

When you “cast your cares on the Lord”, you’re letting go of worry and fear, believing that after you’ve done all you should do in the situation, you can trust Him with the final outcome. He knows what is best for you.

What is your biggest worry right now? Picture it as a bright helium balloon with the name of your worry written on it. Ask yourself: “Why am I holding on to this worry?” Will you release it right now? See yourself letting go of the string and watch as your worry drifts up and away in the care of the Lord. 

Tonight when you are ready for bed, pop in your earbuds, click on the audio clip below and relax as you close your eyes and listen to a small portion of our “Casting Your Cares” sleep session that will help you “cast all your cares on Him” as you drift off to sleep.

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Overcoming Insomnia

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